Barcodes for selling online

All our EAN barcodes are ideal for all online selling platforms this includes all amazon sectors with active seller central accounts.


Some other platforms include Ebay, itunes, Google shopping plus high street stores.

When using barcodes on Amazon these are added as either an EAN or UPC number both are the same thing when selling on Amazon. Once this is assigned to your product this is converted into your own dedicated SKU code specific to the product that has been added.

Amazon Fulfilment

Should you decide to send all your products direct and let Amazon take care of all your customer deliveries you will need to print out your barcodes and these will need to be attached to each product prior to sending your stock over to Amazons dispatching depot. You can find more information with regards to packaging requirements here

Ebay Product Identifiers

This is the same process with regards to adding barcodes to your ebay items should they require product identifiers. This only applies to specific categories across Ebay and you will find more information about this within the various support pages within Ebay.

High Street Stores

Should you sell your products within retail stores each EAN barcode number will need to be added into the stores internal epos system. When each product is added the following information is assigned to the barcode for this item. This is how your sales are tracked each time a product is sold.

  • Company name (your company)
  • Product description
  • Price

Should you have any specific questions with regards to using your barcodes please send us an email or use our home page chat box.